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“deLightful time” is a home decor and accents series inspired by the beauty of TAIWAN/FORMOSA to simply turn your house into a joyful home.

Inspired by the beauty of Taiwan. Taiwan’s unique geographical location, climate, and terrain structure has allowed Mother Nature to create a wide variety of endemic species on the island. Based on the natural relationship between those endemic creatures and their habitats, each set introduces a different story.


  • 2019 

The Peacock Unseen, Taiwan Pattern Festival, selected 

  • 2018 

MAISON & OBJET PARIS, brands crossover joint exhibition 

  • 2016 

CREATIVE EXPO TAIWAN 2016, NEXT platform original, 18 talented designer brands, selected

  • 2015

Eslite Spectrum 2015, Eslite EXPO platform original, New brand of Taiwan, First place

  • 2014 

Design Capital Taipei 2016, Campus resident designer

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